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Coffee sausage latest flavour from Boston butcher

19 Apr 2013 09:00

A COFFEE flavoured sausage is the latest variety of speciality sausages to be produced by an award winning butcher in Boston.
The Mocha Real Ale Sausage will be available this week at Andrew Beeson Butchers, which recently won the Butcher’s Choice prize for its Pork, Leek and Onion ...



"I'd like to share with potential customers an experience that I had yesterday at this very butchers establishment. I'm getting married on the 3rd October and my future wife's dream wedding cake is pork pie. So, we popped in to see Andrew and his lovely wife to tentatively ask if this ..."

Paul Stone

"Andy & Tracey,
Just wanted say thanks, the meat was outstanding as always, every one thoroughly enjoyed it. The fillet in particular was superb, the only problem was that it had all been eaten! Thanks again and have a wonderful New Year."

The Mills Family

"Fab Butchers! Meat is the best in town and immaculate standards of hygiene."

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Sausage Making Experience 1

Sausage Making Experience

This 3 hour Sausage Making Experience with our master family butcher will enable you to learn the most traditional of Butchery skills, from preparing the meat to mixing, filling and linking your own Lincolnshire Sausages.

Be prepared for a great hands on experience as you will be handling raw meat and the tools of the trade.


The Day

You will start from the beginning by preparing the locally sourced meat under the guidance of a master butcher, by boning a shoulder and belly of Pork. You will then mix traditional Lincolnshire seasonings with other ingredients to create your sausage meat. A demonstration will be given on filling and linking in order to create a string of sausages and then it is your turn!


What To Wear

Necessary protective over garments will be provided, however the experience will take place in the butchery which is not heated, so please ensure you wear warm clothing in Winter and sensible footwear.


To Take Home

In addition to your 3 hours training with our expert butcher, you will also get to take home with you a kilo of the sausages that you have made.



To make a booking or for any enquiries please call 01205 362327 or email Please note that you need to be 18 or over. Private group bookings taken.



£50 per person - Gift Vouchers Available



"The Experience surpassed my expectations. It was fun from beginning to end. Great experience boning the meat and filling into sausages. Has to be seen to be believed! I would absolutely recommend this Experience." Paul Woods

"I found the Experience really interesting. Plenty of 'hands on' and great fun. It was just as good as I had hoped. All parts were good, excellent balance between knife work and sausage making." David Shutts

"The Experience was very informative and very ...professional. I had a really good time and thoroughly enjoyed the Experience, it was more than I expected it to be." Chris Burton

"I found the Experience to be very enjoyable and informative. It is great to see and hear about sausage making and butchery. I did not expect to get so hands on with preparing the meat, it was a great addition. I would 100% recommend this to others." Paul Tomson

"The Experience was absolutely amazing. It was perfect right from walking through the door to leaving - superb." Tony Pike

"I found the Experience very interesting. I didn't realise how much work went into making a sausage! It was better than what I expected it to be, was spot on from beginning to end. I enjoyed the linking of the sausages and would definitely recommend to others." Andy Dodson

"I found the Experience amazing and would come back here again! It was more than I expected it to be and all aspects of the Experience were very good. Maybe offer a further course i.e Pork Pie making!" Judy Pike

"The Experience was very good, far better than what I expected it to be. My favourite part was the boning out of the meat. I would recommend this." Steve Ellis

"The Experience was totally fantastic! Really interesting and great fun to make an outstanding product in a relaxed, comfortable and friendly environment. I was not worried if I made a mistake! Filling the sausage meat into the skins was fab. I actually enjoyed cutting the meat at the very start from the actual animal. Loved the tasting at the end too! Fantastic Christmas present!" Sarah Cooper

"I found the Experience very good and very interesting. ...I learned a lot. It was better than I thought it would be and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be getting my wife on it and mentioning it to work colleges and friends." Alistair Mcbride

"The Experience was far better than I expected it to be. The organisation was excellent and planned to perfection. It was great to get the full experience from raw to the finished product. This is a great Experience for anyone to enjoy. Brilliant!" Ian Belhan

"The Experience was a happy one. We were all made to feel welcome from the start. Each and every one of us was full of smiles throughout the whole morning. The Experience was more than what I expected it to be, it was more than just making a sausage. I would recommend this Experience to others and will praise this to friends." Julian Thompson

"The Experience was brilliant! One of the best things I've done! It was so good being able to come away with such a tangible thing that you've achieved. I didn't really know what to expect, it was brilliant! My favourite part was the boning out, the way that the meat was cut to remove what was not needed. I would definitely recommend this Experience." Phil May

"It was a very good Experience. I learnt a lot from a very good tutor. The Experience was h...arder at some points than what I expected it to be but in others easier. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Experience, it was well worth doing and I would definitely recommend." Neil Whiley

"I found the Experience interesting and informative. It was a great Experience right from cutting the meat through to the sausage filling. The Experience was much more than what I expected it to be. I enjoyed boning out the Pork and the butchery side preparing the meat. I would recommend this without a doubt." Ben May

"The Experience was very interesting, especially the boning out of the Pork. It was better than what I had expected. My favourite part was the filling out of the sausage meat into the skins without getting it all over the floor! It was good fun and also had nice people with us on the Experience." Derek Webb

"I found the Experience interesting and informative. It was more than I expected it to be, it was excellent! My favourite part was filling the skins with the sausage meat, the machine was fun to use I would definitely recommend this Experience." Lisa Blezzard

“It was a great hands on Experience,enlightening and informative. It is hard to choose which aspect of the Experience was my favourite as all was interesting and well explained.” Andy Frankowski

"The Experience was very informative. I didn’t realise how much effort and products go into making sausages. I enjoyed mixing the meat to create sausage meat. I would definitely recommend this Experience.” Francis Abiodun

"The Experience was great fun and I learnt loads! I would recommend this!” Alistair Godwin